Once in a while you'll meet someone who is very close to you. More than anyone else in the world. Someone who knows how your heart sounds, even in the dark. And then you want just one thing: to be together.

But that doesn't always work out. All around us, there are others who want us to prefer to be with them. Or they absolutely do not want us to be with that one person. And then we have to go searching for them. Pelléas too has found someone. But will it be possible for him to be with his beloved, his Mélisande? He goes looking, in a world between dream and reality.

The young director Lucija Brnic, who last season presented her whimsical and accessible version of Cui's Puss in Boots, is creating a new performance around Pelléas et Mélisande. She will be working with the opera and lieder music of the composer Debussy and the text from the world of the author Maeterlinck. In this way, she will create her own little Petit Pelléas.

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Lucija Brnic
Lisa Nickstat
Elisa Soster
Benoît-Joseph Meier

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