The Greek star choreographer Andonis Foniadakis is creating a performance with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen for the first time. In 2018, his Selon désir was already on the programme and quickly became a favourite of press and public alike.Selon désir also holds the key to Foniadakis' creation Palmos, which in many ways can be considered a mirror of that earlier work. In Palmos – Greek for pulse – the searching, lonely person and his desire for connection reappear as themes, this time not from a social and religious perspective, but from that of the individual.

The impressive group dynamics, so characteristic of Foniadakis' oeuvre, give way in this new, full-length creation to a focus on the individual strength of each dancer. In Palmos, Foniadakis' predominantly horizontal and contemporary language of movement is abandoned in favour of a virtuoso, vertical ballet technique. The form thus directly expresses the personal character of each dancer, and is fully in tune with the theme of isolation.

Palmos promises to be an overwhelming dance performance, in which the themes that are currently preoccupying the whole world are tackled head-on. Above all, however, it is a passionate celebration of the individuality of each person and dance as a means of expression.

Length: 75 min   The premiere on March 21 will be streamed live. Ticket buyers will receive a link 30 minutes before the show. The show will available for watching for 7 days. We hope to be able to do the Antwerp shows, starting May 11, for a live audience.

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