Dancer - demi soloist

Originating from Belgium

An Antwerp native, Brent Daneels was born in 1996 and started his ballet training at the Royal Ballet of Antwerp’s grade school, Prins Dries. From there, he continued his ballet education at the Royal Ballet School Antwerp during the years 2008-2014. He received a full scholarship for The Washington Ballet Trainee Program, as well as a full scholarship for the Ballettschule Theater Basel. During his education, Brent worked with a variety of choreographers and dancers, including Alain Honorez, Shirley Esseboom, Douglas Becker, and Geneviève Van Quaquebeke. In 2014, Brent joined the Royal Ballet of Flanders as a trainee and became a corps de ballet member the following year. He was promoted as demi-soloist starting season 2017-2018.

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