Opera Ghent

This beautiful theatre dates back to 1840, is located in the historic centre and has parking in front of the door. The three salons (Foyer, Redoute hall and Lully hall) form an impressive 90 metre long enfilade. They can be used separately or combined. The actual auditorium is an inviting horse-shoe shaped bonbonière with excellent technical facilities.

This flexible infrastructure is ideal for gala evenings, concerts, dinners, seminars, conferences, corporate parties and photograph and film shoots.

Opera Antwerp

This neobaroque theatre dates back to 1907 and is located in the city centre on the ring boulevards and has parking closeby. The auditorium has more than 1000 seats with perfect visibility and excellent technical facilities. This is an ideal location for conference lectures and concerts.

The intimate foyer has a limited capacity but is suitable for board meetings, exclusive dinners or chamber music concerts.


Contact Inge Vekeman / +32 (0)3 202 10 11 / ivekeman@operaballet.be