After La Bohème, Puccini went resolutely for innovation and drama pur sang with Tosca. One of the Tosca librettists, Giacosa, wrote: La Bohème is pure poetry and no drama, whereas Tosca is nothing but drama and little or no poetry.

From the first notes, Puccini sets the tone for a blood-curdling love adventure. A stunningly beautiful but jealous singer stirs up a deadly political hornets’ nest. She falls victim to the psychopathic and power-hungry head of the secret police, but also to her own infatuation and jealousy. Puccini tells this exciting story in an innovative, realistic and sometimes brutal style. He paints his complex portraits, dark characters and self-conscious individuals in both declamatory and lyric sung dialogues.

With this legendary production of Tosca, director Robert Carsen stages a full-blown film noir. Twenty-four hours of pure passion, that can only be brought to completion in death.

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Silvio Varviso
Robert Carsen

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