In 18th-century Vienna, the Marschallin, a mature but attractive princess, arranges a marriage between her skirt-chasing nephew Baron Ochs and the beautiful Sophie. The Marschallin’s young lover Octavian sets out as the 'Rosenkavalier': he informs Sophie of the proposal by handing her a silver rose, but falls in love with her himself. 

While the amorous adventures play out, the melancholy Marschallin tries to come to terms with growing older. A powerful story, packed with romantic intrigue and always hovering between laughter and tears: the perfect mix for a true crowd-pleaser. The sensual late romantic music, with the waltz in a leading role, does the rest.

As far as the directing is concerned, it’s a significant first: two-time Oscar-winning actor Christoph Waltz will be making his opera debut in Antwerp and Ghent, before moving on to Luxemburg and London. He will be familiar to film lovers from his leading roles in films such as Inglorious Basterds and Django unchained (Tarantino), and Carnage (Polanski). In this production, Waltz will be seeking out the border between private and public, with the baroque grandeur of old Vienna as his backdrop.

Language: German    

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Dmitri Jurowski
Christoph Waltz
Maria Bengtsson
Albert Pesendorfer

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