"Requiem reborn with Eastern-inspired take on traditional mass"

In keeping with the theme, Cherkaoui’s own contribution is far from a simple interpretation of Fauré’s decidedly French music – with Flemish composer Wim Henderickx creating a new, Eastern-inspired orchestration of the score. “We had wanted to work together for a very long time, as we share each other’s passion for the East and West, for these different cultures,” says Henderickx.

The final version now begins and ends with Henderickx’s own music, featuring various interventions along the way. “The whole piece became something new,” he says. “Of course it is based on the Requiem, and I didn’t touch Fauré’s melodies or harmonies, but, on the other hand, it’s a new project. The music turns into another world, into a contemporary world that is also inspired by the Middle East.”

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