In the New Year's Concert 2017, the Italian opera presents an invitation to the dance. Ballet music by Rossini, Ponchielli and Verdi will transport us to settings both bucolic and adventurous. We’ll hear tunes that bring clockwork toys to life, blend fairytale magic with folklore and ignite lyricism with French abandon.

With an authentic ranz des vaches (Guillaume Tell) we find ourselves in an idyllic Alpine meadow, and in Tchaikovsky's Capriccio italien Italian folklore and Russian melancholy keep each other in check. And as we dance further, we come to the Sicilian ‘noblesse’ at the end of its heyday via Nino Rota’s music for the film Il Gattopardo (Visconti). There is dancing at magnificent balls where decadence is interspersed with jealousy, and vendetta and madness are never far away. Love and the beloved are celebrated in spirited cadences, tearful farewells are sworn to forbidden loves while the dance festivities continue relentlessly in the background until with Tosca we even bid a definitive ‘adieu’ to life, with a twinkling sky full of stars as our witness. Glasses are raised and the dance music flows at rich estates in the shadow of imposing mountain landscapes. Life, love and everything that matters most at that moment is celebrated in song and in an invitation to the dance.
Length: ca. 2h 15 min  

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Alexander Joel
Najmiddin Mavlyanov
Symfonisch Orkest Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

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