A man, a woman and a girl share a house. The man spends his days working in the freezer cellar for a company. To pass the time, he collects newspaper clippings about all kinds of horrible crimes. As for his hyperactive wife, she loses herself in organising the household and making children's clothes that she sells through her brother-in-law.

The housemaid who helps her has a starring role in the man's desires. This classic love triangle unfolds in Menuet into an epic tragedy on a domestic scale.

LOD composer Daan Janssens and director Fabrice Murgia tackle the existential themes of the novel by Louis Paul Boon. Three versions of the basic facts are presented in sequence, each time through the eyes of a different character. This lends the banal situation a tragic layering. Loneliness, shame and the sexual drive form the basis for the 3D vision of humanity on display here. Menuet sketches a portrait of lonely people who hover between the normal and the abnormal, between speaking and silence. Daan Janssens and Fabrice Murgia seek out this tension, in the conviction that it is in this in-between space that real life can be found.

productie LOD muziektheater · compositie Daan Janssens · regie Fabrice Murgia · dramaturgie Barbara Engelhardt · naar Menuet van Louis Paul Boon · dirigent Filip Rathé · zang Cécile Granger (sopraan), Raimund Nolte (bariton), Tineke Van Ingelgem (sopraan) · SPECTRA met Jan Sciffer (cello), Lisa De Boos (contrabas), Gabi Sultana (piano), An Raskin (bajan), Frank Van Eycken (percussie), Charles Michiels (klarinet), Wim Van Volsem (fagot), Jan Van Duffel (hoorn), Pieter Vandermeiren · regieassistent Maxime Glaude · stiliste Emilie Jonet · sculpturen Anne Marcq, Anne · video-ontwerp Giacinto Caponio · lichtontwerp Enrico Bagnoli · scenograaf Vincent Lemaire · kopiist Frederik Neyrinck · repetitor Gabi Sultana · technische coördinatie Nic Roseeuw · techniek Kurt Bethuyne, Victor Hidalgo, Wim Picqueur, Chris Vanneste · ontwikkeling electronica Centre Henri Pousseur · productieleiding Isabel Vermeulen, Veerle Vervoort, Pauline Jocqué · pers & communicatie Magalie Lagae, BE Culture

coproduction Théâtre National Wallonie – Bruxelles, deSingel, SPECTRA, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Le Maillon - Théâtre de Strasbourg Scène européenne, Artara, La Monnaie / De Munt, Centre Henri Pousseur. With support of ENOA : CREATIVE EUROPE PROGRAMME OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, Cultureel Akkoord Vlaamse Gemeenschap and Franse Gemeenschap.

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