With Pianola, ‘satire de trash’, the tumultuous age of futurism is examined, with the pianola as common thread. But also other periods of radical innovation throughout the 20th and 21st century will make appearances in this performance.

In all naivety, during the age of futurism, the roar of machines and falling bombs was elevated to the ultimate work of art. At the outbreak of the First World War, the utopia and the movements were shattered. As a derivative of the automated loom, the pianola is a symbol of the beginning of modernity. The development of both had a major social impact. Home weavers, but also cinema and bar pianists lost their jobs. At the same time, a whole new industry arose. New ideologies appeared: The machine would liberate mankind and give him time for his intellectual and creative development. We are experiencing a similar development today with the advent of robots. After the dark years of virtual living, will the rise of the robots allow us to once again see, feel, smell…?

Four protagonists – Boris Pasternak, Igor Stravinsky, Claude Debussy and Ko Kowalsky – acted out by the musicians and a dance ensemble of robots will guide the audience using music, philosophical musings, video images and dance through this thrilling performance.

Productie ChampdAction · concept, muziek, beeld, tekst, artistieke leiding Serge Verstockt · piano, pianola, stem Alain Franco · Piano, pianola, synth, decap, elektronica Benjamin Van Esser · gitaar, keyboards, elektronica, stem Ko Kowalsky/Serge Verstockt · software, robotica Yvan Van der Sanden · video en techniek Istvan Leel-össy · geluid Victor Hidalgo · licht Jean Pierre Deschepper · filosoof Lieven De Cauter · coaching Engelse teksten Simon Van den Brande · technisch assistent Wenceslao Jimenez Romero · robots Hugo & Kuno, Claude, Igor, boycotter · productieleiding Pauline Jocqué · administratie/communicatie Leen Bastiaens · algemene leiding Ann Andries

In coproductie met Concertgebouw Brugge en deSingel i.h.k.v. Opera21.

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