Beggars' songs and Spanish sacred and profane music from the 16th century onwards; Recercadas by Diego Ortiz

'Tyran van Spangien' becomes 'Ducdalbe', alias the Duke of Alba, as referred to in the 'Beggars'' songs of the 16th century. There could be no better occasion than Donizetti's opera Le Duc d'Albe to dust off this repertoire of battle hymns and satirical songs with their anti-Spanish and anti-Catholic slant. A select crew of specialists in this early music – including José Pizarro Alonso, Simen Van Mechelen and Romina Lischka – will present an effervescent concert in which sacred and profane music from the Spain of the same era will be explored. By Diego Ortiz, a composer who worked in Naples in the service of the notorious Duke, we will hear several Recercadas for viola da gamba solo.

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