An adventurous musical theatre performance for children and young people ages 9 and up.

Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth leave a child behind, presumed dead. Just as in Verdi's opera Macbeth, the ghost of the murdered Banco appears to his murderers during a festive banquet, in this spooky adaptation, a group of mysterious children appear to the Macbeths and swear revenge. The sumptuous banquet thus devolves into a creepy nightmare in which a group of children take revenge on the wicked world of the adults.
This new musical theatre production by Opera Vlaanderen for kids explores questions about rage, fear and resentment. Where do the roots of evil come from? What does it mean to take revenge? How can I contend with the world outside that is often dark and unfair?

With elements from Shakespeare's masterful play and Verdi's musical masterpiece, theatre artist Tom Goossens and composer Mathias Coppens create a radical adaptation for children ages 9 and up. Their work is based on classical musical structures, rooted in a theatrical language taken from opera. A female vocalist plays the role of Lady Macbeth, and an actor plays Macbeth. The Opera Vlaanderen Children's Chorus will perform all other roles. BANKET! promises to be a spine tingling musical theatre experience! 

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