No stage, no seats, nothing is as usual ... Just a large glass box. And people dancing in an open space. A rousing beat is heard in the background. Is this a club?

Be My Superstar is an interactive opera by director Alexandra Lacroix and composer Šimon Voseček. The performance is based on Yann Verburgh’s H.S. Tragédies ordinaires - a moving work about bullying, something every young person has to deal with at first hand or from a distance.

By transforming everyday harassment into words, images and music, Lacroix confronts us with the banality of the violence we are all capable of. And you can take that quite literally. The spectator is challenged to respond to what is happening before his eyes. Where does this violence come from? And where does it end? The perpetrator becomes a victim and vice versa. Be My Superstar promises to be a powerful, physical experience.

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