Some plants grow out of a sort of stem that creeps along under the ground. A root with no real beginning or end; this is a rhizome. It looks rather like a stream of thoughts: letting your brain spin without beginning or end, from one thing to another. In just the way childhood wonder and fantasy work.

In Rhizome!, the dancer and choreographer Iris Bouche and percussionist and composer Kobe Proesmans rediscover the labyrinth of our imagination. And what better place for this than in a building where dance and music are born? Because this building is home to another world, a world where a new universe can be found around every corner, where every object brings a story with it.

Iris Bouche and Kobe Proesmans will be working with a varied company of actors, dancers and musicians. Performing artists from various backgrounds join forces on stage and draw us into their highly imaginative labyrinth. This is not the first production Bouche and Proesmans have made. In 2017 they made Wulong or the Dancing Dragon for HETPALEIS. Iris Bouche used to dance with Rosas and Eastman and was the artistic coordinator for dance at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp. Her work as a choreographer is very much inspired by a range of research projects revolving around questions of physical limitation, kinaesthesia and diversity. Kobe Proesmans has performed with El Tattoo del Tigre, Zita Swoon, Gabriel Rios and others, and currently with The Colorist Orchestra.

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