Being in love =

tickles in your toes

waiting for that one question,

looking for the most exquisite words,

doubting everything,

chaos in your head,

practicing saying yes,


going crazy,

starting again,

getting the giggles,


Twelve girls. They don't know much about love yet. But one thing is sure: they don't want to go mad with love and end up in a brook full of flowers, like Shakespeare's Ophelia. There must be other ways of declaring love, nurturing desire, and soothing the grief.

Ophelia is an intimate film installation. The audience is immersed in the emotional world of twelve young Ophelias. With frozen images, text fragments and music they teach their lessons about that one great emotion: love. Fiery, compelling, funny and sometimes a bit sad. For anyone aged 9 and over who is, was or wants to be in love.


Image: Tim Coppens

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