Sing Out! is a music theatre performance about the central instrument in the opera: the human voice. It touches us with its beauty and expresses a range of emotions. It makes us think about the connection between perfection and vulnerability and about the conflict between technique and feeling. Characteristics such as age, gender, skin colour and physical appearance seem to fade into the background when you listen (with your eyes closed) to a singing voice. Inspired by the poet-singer Orpheus, Sing Out! follows the sound of the opera voice over time.

Sing Out! is the result of a collaboration between Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Staatsoper Stuttgart and Berlin-based music theatre makers Johannes Müller and Philine Rinnert. It is still palpable that the work of these makers originated in Berlin's public space. This performance will be as immediate as it is intimate: the audience will be on stage together with the singers and musicians. 

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