Emmi's Pen (1): Beginnings, endings, beginnings

Emmi’s Pen is a blog, appearing on our website every two weeks. Dancer Emmi Pennanen will take you behind the scenes into the daily joys and struggles, moments of success and disbelief of life at the Ballet Vlaanderen. In each blog she zooms in on a specific aspect of a dancer's six day working week.

Beginnings, endings, beginnings

The summer is coming to an end and a new season has started at Ballet Vlaanderen. Is that not how it always goes? Endings bring along new beginnings and beginnings only last so long. Before you know it this thing that for a moment felt so new is already part of your everyday reality and it seems like nothing ever was any other way. Deep down we know, that even this new beginning will eventually lead to a close. And so the cycle keeps going in circles large and small.


As we once again practice our pirouettes, lifts, jumps and slides, our aim to create these short but oh so grand moments of magic, we are constantly reminded of the temporary nature of our profession and art form. A jump is over a couple of seconds after it started and a great rehearsal will never guarantee for a performance to go equally well. We start from the beginning each time every day. Literally. Our workday begins with a ballet class where we work our way up from the simple basic steps to the harder more technical movements and combinations.

New faces

Each season brings along some changes and such is the case also for us at the ballet. On our first day of work a month ago, the constellation of the company was very different than before the summer. Quite a few dancers have left to start new exciting chapters elsewhere. As their time with us came to an end we where greeted by fresh new faces. Dancers ready to start their journey with us as we enter this inspiring new season. After two great first performances last week, this group is ready to face everything that lies ahead as a team. We work very closely together, put ourselves completely on the line, share the same goals and dreams. Inevitably the company feels like a large family, with its quirks and edges included.

Behind the scenes

So. Since I have already said that everything eventually comes to an end, this text will also have to come to a finish. I would like to bring your attention to just one more new beginning this season. It is Emmi’s Pen, a blog, appearing on our official website every two weeks. It will take you behind the scenes into our daily joys and struggles, moments of success and disbelief. Each time I, Emmi Pennanen, will zoom in on some specific aspect of our six day working week; the majority of which is not spent on stage bathing in the spotlight but in a studio where the front wall is paneled with mirrors. No escaping your mistakes there…

I welcome you to see our world through my eyes! For now though I shall end here.

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