Infinite Now is world creation of the year

The opera "Infinite Now" by composer Chaya Czernowin ( that had its premiere at Opera Vlaanderen last april in a production by Luk Perceval) has been named "World creation of the year" by the international opera press.

The news was spread by the prestigious Jahrbuch 2017 of the German trade magazine Opernwelt. In this Jahrbuch the international opera press draws up the balance of the past season. Infinite Now was chosen as best new opera almost unanimously. 
The opera is based on the play Front by Luk Perceval - on the First World War - and on the novella Homecoming by Chinese author Can Xue. The horrors at the Yser Front are interweaved with the story of a woman coming home in a house that's balancing on an abyss. 
'In Infinite Now Chaya Czernowin further radicalises her quest for a sound language. (...) She drives this quest for what is to be found behind speaking, singing an playing to absolute new heights,' says the jury in the Jahrbuch. 


Infinite Now was a co-produciton with Nationaltheater Mannheim and the famous IRCAM in Paris. Technically it was a feat where computer sounds had to mingle seamlessly with the Symphonic Orchestra of Opera Vlaanderen, lead by conductor Titus Engel. Luk Perceval staged the production. For his work Perceval already won the prize of Opera director of the year of the important German theatre magazine Die Deutsche Bühne in september.   

Since some years Opera Vlaanderen is a familiar name in the prestigious Jahrbuch. The house was nominated before as Best Opera House of the year and productions, directors and soloists who work regularly at Opera Vlaanderen are often in the short lists. In 2013 the production of Wagner's Parsifal by Tatjana Gürbaca was named Best Production of the year. This production will get its revival later this season.