OBV stands in solidarity against racism

Like so many of you, we have been following the news in the United States with horror, sadness and anxiety. The systemic disadvantage of the black community, the senseless violence, the raw racism, the arbitrariness and the lawlessness to which black people are subjected are utterly painful and cannot be tolerated.

We stand in solidarity with the black community in the United States and elsewhere and support their call for justice.

Opera Ballet Vlaanderen feels incredibly privileged to count among its artists some of the most talented black American performers. They are deeply affected by what’s unfolding in their home country. We feel their pain and despair and try to comfort and support them.

Above all we realise that the situation in the US should be a wake-up call for all of us. Here as well a lot of work needs to be done. As an arts institution, as a cultural sector, as a society, as a nation we have to do better. We are looking at ourselves in the first place and try to learn from this. Opera Ballet Vlaanderen is committing itself to enduringly strive for diversity and inclusion, in connection with our entire OBV-community. We engage ourselves to continue to listen to a broad range of stories and narratives and to let them be heard.